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10 Reasons to Spend 10-Months in Israel



Coming to teach overseas is such a great chance to discover a new country. Israel is different from other places – the history, geography, and culture are unique and filled with exciting places and sites to discover. This is your chance.


Moving overseas, creating a new daily routine in a new culture, standing in front of a class and teaching, and doing all this on your own fills you with confidence. Confidence to take on new experiences without hesitation even if you have doubts and confidence to forge ahead and conquer your goals. 

Professional Experience

Teaching English in Israel will help you enhance your skills and improve your resume. International experience will differentiate your resume from others competing in the workforce. 

Cultural Awareness

In an international job market, a global perspective is key for relationships whether in or outside of the workplace. Your experience in Israel puts you face to face with locals of all sorts of life – immigrants, refugees, and people of different socio-economic backgrounds. Global awareness strengthens your communication skills and provides you a different perspective on life. 


New country, new job, new language and you are independent overseas. You can make decisions on your own and you will learn to succeed and use this skill moving on in new circumstances and environments you may find yourself in. 

Improve Language Skills

While part of  Masa Israel with Israel Experience you will be teaching English during your workday however at any other time you will be surrounded by Hebrew. When you stop for a coffee in the morning, when you travel around the country, and when you interact with your students outside the classroom you are immersing yourself in a new language which is the fastest way to improve your language skills. You never know how it will be put to use in your future.

Connect to your roots and your religion

On your Masa Israel Journey with Israel Experience in Israel, you have a chance to learn about its history and the history of the Jewish people. You will be able to dig deep through different cultural centers, archaeological sites, and religious sites to learn more. Also, you will be able to celebrate the Jewish holidays and traditions in the holy land connecting you to a new perspective of your roots. 

Creating an International Network

While part of Masa Israel you will make connections with other interns, your employer, and other colleagues. You will also be part of events and trips which are perfect opportunities to create professional relationships that you will hold on to in the future. 

Sharing your Knowledge

Choosing to teach in Israel is a personal decision you are making to enhance your personal and professional goals. However, you are doing one other thing – sharing your knowledge and enriching other people’s lives. You will be teaching children but this will resonate with their families and open up opportunities for them you cannot imagine.

The Memories You Will Make

Your time overseas will be interesting, a growth opportunity and a chance to learn but, bottom line, you will have fun and make memories. You will travel, meet amazing people, see breathtaking views and create friendships that will last a lifetime.