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8 Reasons to Travel Abroad


Thinking about moving abroad?

8 reasons you should! 

Moving abroad is a bit daunting, especially if you’ve never lived in a different country. Everything is new –  New places, new culture, a new way of life. Nothing is as you know it. However, the advantages definitely outweigh the doubts as you venture out to explore the world and better yet, yourself.  You will create memories and experiences that will stay with you forever.  

Eight top reasons you owe it to yourself to live in a different country, especially Israel:

  • You can decide what your path will be. Working with MITF you will be able to create the perfect experience for you in Israel.  You can choose the type of instruction and type of community volunteer program that works for you. You can decide to travel throughout  Israel to discover the sites, the people, and history. Totally up to you! 
  • You can invent a new life for yourself. We don’t mean a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde situation, but you can decide that now you will exercise more, be more open to new people, try new cuisine and even overcome the hesitation of traveling throughout Israel solo.
  • Experience a new way of life. During your year abroad you can try a different living arrangement and setting. If you are used to the big city, maybe living in a quiet suburb or rural environment can work for you. If you’ve never tried the vibrant life in the city, perhaps you’d like to experience what all the rage is about.
  • Become stronger and more self-sufficient. This is your chance. No peer pressure, nobody knows you, yet, and you have the upper hand of knowing and teaching a second language. Be proud of what you have to offer and do not be afraid to ask, try, experience and ‘go forth and prosper’.
  • Learn a new language. You are here to teach English but if you are interested and open to learning new things – a new language is such a great opportunity. You can have your pick of Hebrew, Arabic, and even Russian. All three at your fingertips.
  • During your experience, you will definitely have the opportunity to make new connections. When traveling with a partner or friends you tend to avert your energy to interacting with each other. When you are alone you now have a chance to look around and look for interesting people with whom you can connect. Be a ‘YES’ person. Say ‘yes’ to new adventures that may come your way, even if it takes you out of your comfort zone. You never know where it will lead and who you will meet.
  • Interesting career opportunities. Living abroad and volunteering will definitely open you up to new career opportunities, whether in Israel or even when you return home with MITF’s experience under your belt.

So…. no more hesitation. It’s time to jump right in and check yourself out. Out of the country, that is!