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Advantages of Teaching in Bat Yam

Marina in Ashkelon

Have you ever heard of Bat Yam, Israel? Bat Yam is located on the Mediterranean Sea just 15 minutes south of Tel Aviv. Bat Yam is the 12th largest city in Israel and is home to 160,000 residents, 30% of whom are new immigrants mostly from the previous Soviet Union. In terms of tourism; Bat Yam flaunts one of the best surfing beaches in Israel, many bars and restaurants, fresh fruit and vegetable markets, as well as museums, cultural & sports centers, and libraries. With many ways to reach Tel Aviv by public transportation Bat Yam is close enough so you can enjoy the hustle bustle of Tel Aviv and Yafo, it’s social and cultural nightlife, but still, live in a quiet suburb. The city usually has ten months of sunshine a year – it’s the perfect choice young professionals looking for English teaching jobs in Israel.

Teaching in Bat Yam, Israel

Teaching in Bat Yam is easy for those who are looking for English teaching jobs in Israel. This is due to many reasons one of which is that the classrooms in Bat Yam usually consist of 20 to 30 students. Most of the Masa teaching fellows teach in elementary school but depending on the needs of the schools and district you can also work in a high school or middle school. Your goal as an English teacher is to help Israeli children improve their level of English and be a role model to them. After your 10-month Israel teaching experience, you would have helped the students succeed in their academic performance and assist them in improving their professional capabilities for the future.

Advantages of Teaching in Bat Yam

There are several advantages of teaching in Bat Yam for the teachers, students and the community at large. As English is the international language it is imperative that Israeli children become proficient in English by learning from native English speakers. Teaching in Israel is also important because it will make it easy for Israelis to relate to foreigners and travelers.

Some of the main advantages of teaching English in Bat Yam Israel.

  1. Receive a monthly stipend for teaching English in Israel
  2. Make a real difference in the lives of Israeli children
  3. Flight reimbursement upon completion of program
  4. Learn Hebrew & receive pedagogical training
  5. Once in a life time opportunity to live and work in an Israeli community
  6. Experience local Israeli life and immerse yourself into Israeli culture
  7. Gain teaching skills and work experience
  8. Develop leadership capabilities