Where we Work


About Bat Yam

Bat Yam is home to 160,000 resident (30% of whom are new immigrants from former Soviet countries), it is located Israel’s shoreline and located only fifteen minutes from Tel Aviv. It is known for its beautiful beaches. In Bat Yam, you’ll find many markets selling fresh fruit and vegetables as well as bars, restaurants, sports centers, museums, cultural centers, and libraries. Bat Yam is an oasis of peace outside the hustle of the big city, yet still close enough to Tel Aviv so you can enjoy the cultural and social nightlife but still enjoy living in a quiet and peaceful area. If you are looking for a sun-drenched, beach city close to Tel Aviv, Bat Yam is the perfect place for you.

In Hebrew Bat Yam means “daughter of the sea” and it’s perfectly named. The beaches are breathtaking, offering a variety of different restaurants along the boardwalk, perfect for any meal. This city is home to one of Israel’s top performing arts center -The Bat Yam Performing Arts Center offers high-level cultural performances like dance, comedy, music, and theater. Havayeda Science Center is also located in Bat Yam offering scientific activities to the general public throughout the year. Oh, and did we say it has great surfing?

In The Classroom

Classroom sizes in Bat Yam range from 20-30 students. Masa Israel Teaching Fellows have the opportunity to work in elementary schools, middle schools, or high schools depending on the needs of the school district. Your work in school is focused on providing an exemplary English-language role model to Israeli children, with the expectation that your 10-month involvement in school will help ensure your students have more success academically and professionally in their lives.

By helping children learn English, you will be making a great impact on Israel’s society and each child’s education personally. That being said, you are guaranteed a rewarding experience. English is taught in small groups to give individual attention to each student. Some of these students have never spoken with a native English speaker, making it a very unique and exciting experience. You will have the opportunity to personalize your teaching methods and be creative as you get to know each student. The chance to make a real impact is great. The children will view you as an educator and mentor, giving you the opportunity to impact each child’s life.

Where You’ll Live

All MITF Fellows share apartments in various parts of Bat Yam. The apartments are fully furnished, have air-conditioning, wifi, and have kitchens equipped with basic necessities to help you make your apartment your home. All Fellows share their bedroom with another same-gender participant, 2 single beds per bedroom.

Bat Yam has a lot of public transportation operating to and from Tel Aviv. Public transportation is perfect for nights out in Tel Aviv or Yafo. With easy access into these cities, Bat Yam is the perfect place to be.

Perks for Masa Israel Teaching Fellows in Bat Yam

  • Free surfing lessons
  • Free tickets to a local theater/playhouse

About Israel Experience

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows in Haifa is organized by Israel Experience. The Israel Experience is a subsidiary and the educational arm of the Jewish Agency for Israel. We are committed to providing you with innovative and high-quality programs, and we work hard to make sure our programs are creative, meaningful, and memorable. It is important to us that you get the most out of your teaching program in Israel, at Israel Experience.

Israel Experience gives participants the opportunity to immerse themselves into Israeli society and culture, providing structured independence throughout their stay. Israel Experience makes the effort to train its staff to help provide safety and security, and the relevant framework in and out of the workplace and in the city. But we also understand the participants' need for freedom and independence. IE prides itself on finding the correct balance between structure and independence - providing the safety net to all participants but at the same time giving them the ability to explore, adventure, learn from their mistakes, and have a great Israel Experience.