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City Spotlight – Bat Yam

Bat Yam, a city just south of Tel Aviv sits on a 3 km stretch of coastline and is a mellow alternative to Tel Aviv’s bustling crowds. An idyl place for beachgoers, outdoor activities, and culture. This city has a lot to offer, most of which is around its beach culture, and accessibility almost year-round. 

Bat Yam, a city of 130,000 inhabitants, was established in 1926 and during Israel’s rocky first years of independence after 1948, Bat Yam has known its share of turbulence between the area’s Arab and Jewish settlers. Of course, that is not the case today. Also, over the years immigrants from Turkey, Russia, and Ethiopia immigrated to the city.

Today Bat Yam is thriving both for locals and for tourists and visitors coming in from abroad as well as from other locations in Israel. It’s a host to post-college Israel programs and students working abroad.

These are some of Bat Yam’s prime spots to explore:


  • Ben Ari Museum of Contemporary Art (Part of Moby): is part of Museums of Bat Yam, a complex of three museums, along with the Rybak House and the Sholem Asch Museum (home to the MoBY’s permanent collection) with temporary exhibitions, is Bat Yam’s focus of culture for visitors that appreciate art.


  • International Festival of Street Theater: Along the promenade – Israel’s oldest and only festival dedicated to original theater pieces in public, urban, unconventional spaces – is an annual autumn event.


  • Hasela Beach: ‘The Rock Beach’ (‘Sela’ means Rock) lives up to its name. Enclosed by rocks, this is a quiet beach, with recliners and umbrellas available for rental. A favorite beach for those wanting calm waters since the large rock close to the beach acts as a breakwater, creating a lagoon, protecting from large waves. HaSela beach is close to the Bat Yam Promenade, home to many restaurants, bars, and cafes.


  • The Bat Yam Promenade: The city’s seaside promenade is being compared to a Mediterranean Riviera. With its restaurants, cafes, and bars the lively atmosphere is (almost) never-ending as well as the easy access to the beach and all beach activities down on the shore. 


  • Bat Yam Mall: This vast mall has all the best boutiques and cafés and a state-of-the-art cinema for movie-goers. Leading brand name chains line its pathways as well as restaurants and pop up stands.
  • Tayo Beach: A definite favorite with locals, this beach’s mild atmosphere and colorful sunsets are a great place to relax, eat, and drink. The restaurants’ menus are varied with an extensive drink list. Tayo Beach is perfect for a beach day.  


  • Havayeda Science Center: Explore interactive exhibits, participate in laboratory experiments or join in on a guided tour, workshop or class, this center gives students a chance to explore science, mathematics through hands-on games. 


These are only a few of Bat Yam’s great locations for fun, education, and unwinding. When in Israel, teaching English, on your downtime, come out and enjoy Bat Yam, a great city with great experiences.