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City Spotlight – Eilat


Eilat, the southernmost city in Israel is an oasis in the desert and such a surprising haven for tourists and travelers. It borders with Egypt and across the water from Jordan. It sits right on the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea and at the foot of the purple Eilot mountains. Its unique climate and warm weather year-round allows for indoor, outdoor, underwater, and air-bound activities. During time volunteering in Israel for English speakers, take a bus, get in the car or on a plane to experience this city and all it has to offer:


  • Scuba Diving – You can’t come to Eilat and not scuba dive. The Red Sea is an amazing ecosystem for unique tropical fish and sea creatures. From dolphins, sharks, Nemo-like fish, and a colorful reef, you will enjoy the calm waters and professional instruction and guides to an undersea adventure.
  • Windsurfing – Eilat’s unique location creates the best conditions for windsurfing (Israel has an Olympic champion in Windsurfing from Eilat). Try this sport on the warm waters with the gentle wind and beautiful views of the desert mountains in the background.
  • Explore the desert – The desert planes and mountains around Eilat are remarkable. The colors range from white to auburn, the heights vary, and the views look out at three countries – Israel, Egypt, and Jordan with the Red Sea between them. You can hike there (stay on the trails, take enough water with you, don’t venture alone, and pay attention to floor warnings ahead of time) and you can go out to explore day or night with ATVs with a local guide. Our favorite trail is in the Red Canyon, an easy walk among pink canyon walls.
  • Check out the local Eilat night scene at these favorite bars
    • Fifth Ave: A New York-style bar.
    • The Monkeys: One of the most seasoned bars and in Eilat. It has a great dance floor.
    • Beatles Bar: A dance bar hosting local artists and DJs.
  • Try fresh fish at these restaurants
    • Achla Restaurant is an Israeli Grill bar with succulent fresh salads and fish.
    • Shuk Dagim (Fish Market) has a lively atmosphere, amazing views of the bay and authentic greek music.
  • Escape the heat: Shopping and Ice Skating – Eilat’s shopping center is a favorite location to escape the sweltering heat, shop top brands without paying tax (Eilat is a tax haven) and enjoy another cool activity – ice skating.
  • Drive to Timna Park – Just a drive from Eilat is a national park with natural stone structures lining beautiful trails along gorges and cliffs. This location is especially beautiful at sunset. 
  • See the fish, without getting wet: Marine Underwater Observatory – An aquarium-like experience but for the most part, the lookout is directly into the Red Sea and viewing up close the wide variety of marine life in the region.

Eilat has it all, now you have to find the time to get there. Come down for a long weekend or a week-long vacation. All seasons are great for this pearl in the Israeli desert.