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Diversity in Haifa


Yes, we have all heard of Tel Aviv, it is considered to be one of the nicest cities to live and work in Israel.  But Haifa and what this city has to offer?

Haifa is one of Israel’s well-kept secret: A nightlife like no other, an industrial park with the leading hi-tech companies from around the world, miles of quiet uncrowded beaches, a culturally-rich atmosphere AND world-renowned Universities.  Haifa gives Tel Aviv a good fight.

Haifa, whose population doubled in the last 50 years, boasts exciting cultural centers, usually visited during the day and underground clubs attracting students, young professionals, and tourists all hours of the night.

As a leader in technology, Haifa is home to the Technion- Institute of Technology and the University of Haifa. Both education and research facilities are revolutionary in a variety of fields. Haifa is also home to today’s companies at the forefront of technology – Google, Microsoft, and others.

Haifa’s Population Diversity

Looking into Haifa’s population you will find an eclectic combination of people.  New Jewish immigrants, from Ethiopia and the Former Soviet Union, make up 22.8% of the population, veteran Jews and Arabs, both Christian and Muslim, account for 10.6% of the city’s population and lastly, a new growing group of ‘Non-Arab and non-Jewish’ immigrants makes up 1-2% of the population. This actually makes Haifa the most ethnically diverse city in Israel.

Another aspect of Haifa’s diversity is understanding its inhabitant’s origins. There are Jews from Romania, Protestant migrants from Germany, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, a movement founded in India, and the Bahai believers following the burial of the remains of the Prophet Bab on Mount Carmel.

Did we say Haifa has it all?! Through Israel Experience, you can explore Haifa and all its facets through a stress-free journey.  During your stay in Haifa, you will always find someone you can relate to and that may share your history as well. As a Masa Israel Teaching Fellows participant, accommodations, bus passes and even a stipend are provided by Masa through Israel Experience.