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How MITF Can Change Your Life


Let’s start with the bottom life – Volunteering is good for you! 

Initially, the overall thought is that when volunteering you are doing good for your community but actually you are personally gaining much more than you think. 

Your time is valuable and any decision you make to spend it should be one that you will enjoy, help you succeed, and leave your feeling content. This is where volunteering comes in, especially when volunteering overseas teaching. When choosing to volunteer take the bold step and do it overseas. 

Moving overseas, helping others, exploring and experiencing new adventures, and taking a break from your current routine is exactly the point in which your life will change. 

But first, why should you volunteer? It’s been shown that it improves your confidence, provides you with new skills, reduces depression and ga a new social environment. That’s why!

And when you do it abroad you also gain – an exploration of new terrain and sceneries, getting to know new cultures, learning a new language, and meeting people from all over the world.

So, how do you do it?

  • Take your time thinking about what you are interested in and how you would like to spend your time getting involved.
  • Make a list! It’s as easy at that. List opportunities that can fulfill your interests and how your skills match up.
  • Apply! Reach far and apply to exciting positions.
  • Go, volunteer. Dive right in.
  • As you do – get involved, engage with people, and travel the new country. 

This is your year! A year where you focus on yourself while giving back to others, as you volunteer overseas. When doing so in Israel aside from your weekends at the beach almost all year round, you’ll be making such a difference in the life of others as they help you make it a time remember.