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Impact of Teaching English in Israel


There are various methods for you to strengthen your connection to Israel

We all strive to make an impact. You can too! You can do it while traveling, going out, and exploring a new culture. Really! You can do all this and make a difference in other’s lives as well as your own. You can have an amazing, once in a lifetime experience and give kids a crucial key to the world.

An opportunity allowing a community that does not regularly speak English, to learn an international language has multiple advantages not only to the recipients of such classes but also for the teachers.


For learners, we are in a global world where the international language is English.


  • Speaking another language allows you to think in another language and gives you a better understanding of the world and different cultures. Teaching English to non-English speakers allows them to communicate with the world. They are not limited to only their local country but to individuals, companies, organizations, and communities worldwide. They can build new relationships and opportunities through dialogue.
  • Become global in their mind – learning a new language builds confidence. People, especially kids, have a new tool at their disposal and it enhances their self-esteem and sense of ‘I can do it’ mentality. Even if they do not use it right away, the new language lets them know and feel there is one less hurdle in the personal or professional road ahead.
  • Israel = start-up nation. How can we continue this trend if kids don’t know English? The advantages of learning English connects kids learning to technology, a ‘must’ in today’s world. Although different facets of technology are available in different languages, still today, English is usually the leader in technology advances and applications. 

For the teachers, setting a difficult task and accomplishing it, neither living or teaching in a foreign language is easy but after this year you will feel satisfied for committing and completing it. 

  • Fulfillment – you will see and feel how English improves your students’ lives. This could be through being exposed to a new culture, meet new friends locally or online, and in the future travel and have more job opportunities. 
  • Teaching abroad will increase your personal ability to leave everything behind and discover a new culture. You will be a more rounded person with valuable insights on children’s education, how to communicate with people of different cultures and have the flexibility and resourcefulness. 
  • Exploring the world is part of the experience. It’s okay to allow personal goals during your fellows’ work abroad. You now have a chance to travel near and far, whether you have a weekend or a couple of hours, you can check out new and interesting places while you teach. 

Teaching English abroad is a fulfilling opportunity for both the teacher and the student. knowing you are giving kids the opportunity to better themselves/make them more attractive internationally/teach them something only YOU can…. is the real prize.