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Israel: a Paradise For Hikers


Israel’s unique location hosts deserts, coastlines, valleys, snow-capped mountains, and sweet water lakes, all in a meager 22,000 square km. Although it’s mainly known for its beautiful Mediterranean sea and religious history it has so much more to offer, especially across its varied geographic terrain.

Hundreds of trails are part of Israel’s landscape offer all kinds of hikes, viewpoints, and off-road ATV experiences. Israel Experience participants venture out for a two-day trip to the North of Israel as well as a trip to the South of Israel to hike and become familiar with Israel by foot.

A true hiker’s paradise where you can explore caves, salt mountains, lush green forests, waterfalls, and desert canyons.  Israel Experience programs for young adults give you the opportunity to discover these gems.

5 Best Hiking Locations in Israel:

Mount Sodom

Located by the Dead Sea, this mountain is composed completely of salt. Extreme rock formations, views, and caves truly make this icon a trip worth making as you will get to see one of the rarest rock formations in the world.

Nahal Jilabum

Located in the Golan Heights, Nahal Jilabum is home to the second-largest waterfall in Israel.  The waterfall itself and its pools are what make this place one of Israel’s most beautiful hikes.  The highlight is an opportunity to swim under the waterfall and see the rainbow it creates in the sun.

Nahal Amood

A very popular trail near the city of Tzfat is Nahal Amood (Pillar River). The trail is in an actual riverbed, sometimes dry and sometimes wet, depending on the season. Its stream travels straight into the Sea of Galilee, it is three miles long and ends in a freshwater pool.

Wadi Kelt

A historic Greek Monastery right on the ledge of a canyon makes this trail, and its pool at the very end, one of a kind.  A popular destination for tourists of all kinds, especially groups, interns and others, who are looking to have fun, learn and relax over the weekend.

Nahal Og

Nahal Og is part of a group of trails in the white chalk sediment canyons in the Israeli desert. It’s a cool, flat, and a comfortable walk. There is a vertical descent with secure and sturdy ladders into the trail but aside from that, the terrain is clear. If hiking mid-day you will notice the vast contrast between the bright white colors of the canyons and the bright blue skies and sun.

Israel Experience allows each participant to travel and hike across the country. Learn more about our Israel programs for young adults and our Israel summer programs.