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Living and Teaching in Israel for 10-months on a Budget

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Teaching English in Israel is a truly rewarding experience. It’s a great job for English speakers interested in giving back to the community, curious about exploring a new culture, sightseeing new landscapes, and most importantly craving some fun.


As a teacher, you will touch your students’ lives and even their families. You’ll have the opportunity to venture outside the classroom to explore Israel, its history, iconic sites, and biblical roots. You’ll come back home with memories that will last you a lifetime and may also help further your personal goals in the future. 


Masa Israel Teaching Fellows with Israel Experience are encouraged to get out, make friends, and live their life to the fullest as they incorporate teaching, living on their own, and creating a fulfilling weekly routine. 


As you live in Israel you will be your own boss and will need to manage your budget and finances on your own. Luckily Israel has a range of options for you to pick from. 


So, how do you live for 10 months in Israel on a budget and your stipend from Masa Israel, the Ministry of Education, and Israel Experience?


Grocery shopping

Although Israel has several supermarket chains, some more expensive than others, a great option for groceries, especially fresh produce is the Shuk (open-air market). Shuks are available in most big cities and each has its unique characteristics – from the people manning the stalls, to the type of produce, scents, and size. In some, the products and produce are less pricey than store-bought options while in some the Shuk experience may drive up the price.

These create a bustling sense of urgency and fun when you walk through the narrow aisles picking one-of-a-kind ready-made dishes or a bag of fresh just-picked fruit. With these, you can return home to cook for yourself and your friends to enjoy at home on the balcony or take it outside for a fun picnic. 

Some of our favorite: Shuk Hakarmel in Tel Aviv and Shuk Machne Yehuda in Jerusalem.  There are Shuks like this in all of our Masa Israeli Teaching Fellows cities (Haifa, Bay-Yam, and Rishon LeZion).


Eating out:

Israeli culinary scene is right up there with any European city, if not more eclectic. It combines the local ethnic identities of its people, East to West, and hosts more foreign cuisine from overseas. Add to these the options of high-end expensive gourmet restaurants to tiny shacks for delicacies enjoyed standing on a street corner. Here too, the price points vary and allow people from all walks of life to enjoy succulent, seasoned, mouth-watering food. You may want to check out the local falafel stands in Haifa, Falafel Hazkenim on Wadi street and Falafel Bariboaa in Rishon Lezion. 

Vintage clothes stores

The term used is ‘vintage’. There is a world trend of sustainability nowadays, where people are trying to decrease their personal carbon imprint.   One of the ways to do this is by consuming less – this can be done fairly easily by purchasing lightly used clothing in thrift shops or second-hand stores.


We understand this is not for everyone but this may be a good time to step out of your comfort zone… see how it works for you… Oh, this may be a great place to buy costumes for Purim.


Masa Israel Teaching Fellows with Israel Experience learn to live on their own, to excel at their job, and to make the most of their time in Israel, financially, professionally, and personally. We call this ‘structured independence’. Dive in and explore all the options Israel has as you give back during your work with kids and their families.