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Maayan Landy

Meet Maayan! Maayan is a Masa Israel Teaching Fellow at David Elazar in Bat Yam. Originally from Boston Massachusetts, Maayan studied at the University of Massachusetts Amherst receiving her degree in Kinesiology. She decided to come to Israel and teach English to Israeli children between her undergraduate degree and attending grad school. What better way to take a gap year than in Israel! She has always wanted to spend more time in Israel than her previous visits and found MITF with Israel Experience to be the perfect opportunity for her.


While living in Bat Yam, she found her favorite thing about it is the beautiful beach and the distance between Bat Yam and Tel Aviv. Not only does she love the beach, but the fact that Bat Yam has its own feel entirely. In general, the number one thing she loves the most about Israel is the food!


Best memory as a Masa Israel Teaching Fellow with Israel Experience: “taking my students to the beach for a class activity”


Favorite Hebrew word: מציון


Outside of the classroom, Maayan volunteers once a week at Akim Israel, a living facility for adults with special needs in Bat Yam. It is a great opportunity for her to also practice her Hebrew because they are very patient with her. “It is a really great place to volunteer.”