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Start 2020 Off Right, Volunteer and Teach English in Israel!

We all make New Year’s resolutions and we all intend to keep them. However, as much as we try we don’t always succeed, at least not with all of them. We have the best intentions but time, energy, and our priorities sometimes get in the way. 

This year, here’s an idea; volunteer. Yes, you can go down to the community center down the block and put in an hour or two a week or you can do something that will really change your life. Spend 10-months volunteering in Israel! A teaching job in Israel where you live in a new country, experience a new culture, volunteer your time to a meaningful cause, and get to know others with the same vision as you! 

Think about it, you volunteer but get so much more in return:

  • Explore a new county rich in history, leading the way in culinary arts, the center of Jewdisim, Christianity, and Islam, and don’t us get started on the night-life.
  • Interact with people of all ages and hear their stories, learn their culture and traditions, and make friends for life.
  • Get away from it all – take a break from your routine life to reflect and make plans for the future.
  • Gain wonderful work and personal experience to help you with your future professional plans and career. 

But don’t just take our word for it, this is what our volunteers had to say:

Elana Benedikt has taken a break from her 60-hour workweek in corporate America to teach young children English in Israel. 

“I moved halfway around the world to fulfill a dream of living in Israel”. After her first day at school she summarized “I absolutely loved the first day, the kids were very excited to meet us and learn English from Americans and after a few days we started getting hugs from the kids and now I get at least 10 hugs every day” and she summarizes “Israelis go out of their way to make you feel warm and welcome in a foreign country. It feels like my home away from home.”

Elana Benedik full story here 


Simon Goldich was a Science teacher in Manchester, England and in Israel was assigned to teach pupils in Grades 2-6. “As soon as I showed them a picture of Manchester United’s football (”soccer”) stadium and the Queen, the pupils were hooked. Building relationships with the pupils are one of the best aspects of the program”. Simon enjoyed his after school time with fellow volunteers “ It is easy to travel to Tel Aviv which we often do for nights out or to spend the day at the beach. I live with 6 other participants and we had an amazing time getting to know each other and bonding over our time together in Israel”.  

Read more about Simos’s experience and about his Host Family here


Chelsea Rubin, left New York to come volunteer in Israel as an English Teaching Fellow. “ Each day I am continually amazed as I watch my students’ gain confidence both in their English speaking abilities and their attitude toward learning.” She summarizes her journey here “It was a truly unforgettable and inspiring experience that was deeply felt throughout the school.”

et to know more about Chelsea’s experience here


We’d love to quote you too after your Masa Israel Teaching Fellows with Israel Experience.