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The Beaches of Bat Yam

Israel’s coast is long, spanning from Achziv on the northern border all the way past Ashkelon in the south with beautiful beaches by the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Bat-Yam, a calmer version of Tel Aviv, just south of the big city has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country for both the adrenaline-driven and those who are looking for a magnificent sunset view.

Bat-Yam is situated south of Tel Aviv with 130,000 people and an avid cultural scene. When teaching English in Israel with Israel Experience, Bat Yam is one of the best cities to put on your list to enjoy, live, and teach. Its location attracts many young people whether to reside or visit.

The beach of Bat Yam stretches 3 km and includes 8 declared public beaches and 5 undeclared beaches, where bathing is not permitted but they still attract crowds due to their scenery and beauty.

All the beaches are clean and well cared for, some are zoned for surfing while others are nature reserves. Here are a few:

Sea Palace Beach:
This is the northernmost beach and is a natural lagoon. It is also home to the local sailing club.

Surfers Beach
Directly south of Sea Palace Beach is ‘Surfers Beach’. This strip of beach is considered one of the best spots to surf in Israel. Waves can reach over two meters.
* As a teaching fellow with Israel Experience you can receive a free surfing lesson.

Jerusalem Beach
For some reason, lots of beaches in Israel are called Jerusalem beach, which is a little strange because Jerusalem is not on the coast. In any event, this is a wonderful beach to go swimming in, the sand is soft and clean with easy access to the water.

Rock Beaches (there are 3):
These are wonderful beaches, well known for their calm clean waters. These are man-made lagoons that allow bathers to relax and enjoy them at all times of the day. An added benefit is that along the water you can find restaurants and bars, art galleries and coffee shops. Or you can take a serene walk along the edge of the pier for an amazing lookout point of the city and sea. The beaches are ‘Riviera Beach’, ‘Marina Beach’, and ‘Palm Beach’ (Dkalim Beach).

There’s also a beach for the observant population, ‘Shirat Hayam’ that allows those religious to enjoy the waters modestly. Some observant Jews will only go to the beach with people of the same sex for modesty reasons. and Bat Yam is all about coexistence. The ‘Shirat Hayam’ beach allows religious people to enjoy the beautiful water of the Mediterrane

Theo Beach

Theo beach is the southernmost declared beach in Bat Yam. The municipality is planning to build a state of the art boardwalk and bike route that will connect Bat Yam to Rishon LeZion (another city Israel Experience hosts teachers in).

Along all the Bat Yam Beaches is the city’s famous boardwalk where you can find unique attractions, such as the longest bench in the world and awe-inspiring water fountains displaying stunning, water displays.

This is a great way to relax and enjoy your time off when teaching English to Israeli kids in Bat Yam.

Israel’s moderate to warm climate allows for an almost year-round beach-going in Bat Yam. If you decide as a Masa Israel Teaching fellow to choose Bat Yam as the city to teach English in you will definitely enjoy the sea, sun, restaurants, bars this beautiful city has to offer.

One last thing you won’t want to miss, with Israel Experience Teaching Fellows in Bat Yam, you receive free surfing lessons on one of the most beautiful beaches in Israel! Give it a try!