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Top Places to Visit in North Israel

North Israel

Although Israel is not big, it’s landscape is diverse. From harsh deserts in the southern region, a temperate coastline with beautiful warm waters to lush valleys pouring into the Sea of Galilee. It really has it all within reach.

One of Israel’s most beautiful regions is its northern region. It has mountains, valleys, and coastline all rich in history, interesting geographical formations and scenery. The proximity of each region and its cities to another allows you to explore some or even all during a day trip or a long weekend. You can camp, stay at a hotel, or even just make a long day of it without spending the night during your Masa Israel Journey with Israel Experience.

These are our favorite spots:


There is so much to be said about Haifa. First and foremost – it is beautiful! Its location, overlooking the Bay is one of a kind with both hills and the coast within its limits it allows for a great hike in the woods as well a nice relaxing beer on the beach. Haifa is also a rich cultural and education center home to various museums and a technology park. Its population is rich in both Jewish, Muslim, and Christian religions, each making a mark on the city during holidays and through the culinary scene.

This city is a true testament to having it all.


Coming to Akko is like going back in time to the land of ancient sea trade, fortresses, narrow markets, strong cooking scents throughout the streets and a mixture of languages heard all around. A one-of-a-kind city that is equally modern and historical. Sitting on the coastline, its rich history of battles, conquests, and immigration defines this city as one not to be missed, especially its culinary experiences.

Golan Heights

A region in the northeast of Israel, sticking out like a thumb out of Israel’s borders. Today, a quiet front of serene lush mountains and views but its past is heavy with battles. The Golan Heights are Israel’s go-to place to escape it all – the city, the crowds, and the noise. Here you can pitch a tent or stay in a cabin right on a ledge witnessing the Sea of Galilee or Mount Hermon’s snowy peak. There are hundreds of well-marked walking trails, plenty of information centers, and both forests and open areas for you to learn, explore and get energized. Its remote location is also home to small boutique artisanal crafts – cheese making, chocolate workshops, art studios, and so much more.

Zichron Yaakov

The center of Israel’s wine culture. A historical community founded in 1882 on the Carmel mountain region. With a rich past hosting some of Israel’s leasing zionist personas it is still considered a cultural center today, though the focus now is entertainment and leisure. A hotspot of wineries and proximity to the coast makes it a beautiful and romantic place to visit and explore.

Although the word ‘north’ makes it seem like a cold and far-off place to visit, Israel’s cards are in your favor – Israel North is close to its center, warm, and welcomes exploration and enjoyment for everyone and of course for Masa Israel teaching fellows with Israel Experience.