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What is Israeli Music?

What exactly is Israel music? Is it folk? Is it rock? Is it songs about Jerusalem? Does it include Jewish themes? Is there always a violin in the background? 

Music can teach us so much about a culture. That is especially true in Israel, a small country in the Middle East influenced heavily by its close surroundings as well as countries on the other side of the Atlantic. 

It includes stories of our history, present-day issues, and future hopes. When you are in Israel with Masa Israel Teaching Fellows, and even just before you begin your adventure, put on your AirPods and take the time to immerse yourself in music you will most likely hear as you journey through Israel and when you become a teacher in Israel.

Check out these artists to get a well-rounded feel of the music of Israel

Top Israeli Musicians

Shlomo Artzi 

An Israeli folk-rock singer that has paved the way for Israeli music and artists with his portrayal of Israeli, its people, its wars, and overall atmosphere. His music touches both young and old as well as different socioeconomic groups. He is one of the most successful local singers and has sold close to 2 million albums. 

HaDag Nachash 

A local hip hop funk band from Jerusalem popular for their political messages through their music. The group mixes Western pop and with Eastern elements, a perfect combo for the Israeli audience. The band’s songs’ are mantras in Israeli protests and bumper stickers.

Netta Barzilai 

The latest Israeli pop star, after winning the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with her song Toy. The song sends a clear message of equality and strength to those oppressed, bullied, or silenced. Since then Netta has been a role model for kids and has come out with more fun and dance-inducing songs. 

Omer Adam 

An Israeli singer fusing elements from Oriental-Middle Eastern music, influenced heavily from sounds of Northern Africa, and Western pop melodies and themes. He was raised in an Israeli home overseas and has served in the Israeli army upon his return to Israel. In 2019 Omer Adam was recognized as the most popular Israeli recording artist.

 Sarit Hadad 

An Israeli singer focusing on both traditional Middle Eastern sounds as well as pop culture. She has collaborated with other Israeli artists to create a unique voice, especially for women, but is loved by all.

Noa Kirel 

A very young artist shooting up through social media as well as her lyrics targeting teenagers with relatable topics and music preferences. Her dance and performance abilities make her very popular in Israel. In 2017 and 2019 she won MTV Europe Music Awards for best Israeli act.

Google or Spotify these and many others to create a unique soundtrack as you start your new teaching experience.