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Teach in Haifa and Explore the City Attractions

Bahai Haifa

Have you ever been to Israel? If yes, you must have heard of Haifa. Haifa is the third largest city in Israel and is one of the most diverse, multicultural and beautiful cities in Israel. It is a city with beautiful sunny drenched beaches, forests perfect for hiking and scenic views of Mount Carmel. Haifa boasts many restaurants, concert halls, theaters, and museums and is the home of the awe-inspiring Bahai Gardens and Temple.

Two of the most popular universities in Israel are located in Haifa, the Technion and the University of Haifa. These universities give Haifa a lively nightlife and a vivacious student life. When living in Haifa, you will meet people from many different cultures, religions, and ethnicities. See how Arabs and Jews live in harmony and experience the different religions in the city.

Teach English in Israel

Are you a teacher or feel an affinity to teaching? Are you looking for an opportunity to teach English? Then, this is the perfect opportunity for you to come to Haifa and teach English to Israeli children. While teaching you will have the opportunity to enhance your experience by exploring the city, visiting the tourist centers, enjoying the beautiful beaches, and discovering the mosaic of the multicultural cultures and people living in it. The best and easiest way to teach in Haifa is by joining Masa Israel Teaching Fellows with Israel Experience.

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows

Masa Israel Teaching Fellows, MITF, is a 10-month fellowship program for college graduates between the ages of 21 and 30. As a MITF fellow, you will be contributing to the future success of Israeli children by providing them the building blocks of spoken and written English. Immersing yourself into Israeli society while teaching English in Israel. Teaching in Haifa will help you integrate into Israeli life and culture.

MITF is a partnership between the Ministry of Education and Masa Israel Journey. In addition to assisting you with your move to a new city and country, Israel Experience provides you with a uniquely transformative experience that will help you develop skills, gain experiences, and learn about yourself for a life-changing experience.

Teaching English in Israel while exploring Haifa provides you with additional benefits like the ability to live in one of the nicest coastal cities in Israel and get paid for it! The opportunity to improve the future prospects of Israeli children by leaving a long-lasting impression on a new generation of Israelis. Experiencing local life and immersing yourself into Israeli culture and so much more.

All you need to do is to apply to the Masa Israel Teaching Fellow program through Israel Experience and if you are eligible, begin your life-changing experience today.