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What it is like Teaching in an Israeli Classroom

MITF Israel Experience

As a Masa Israel Teaching Fellow with Israel Experience,
You will dive into the Israeli mentality/culture through your student’s – this may be daunting, we know, that is why Israel Experience offers you structured independence. You will have the independence to try new and different things, experiment with the way you were taught in school or try new teaching techniques you developed or read about and always know that we are there for you if you have any questions or problems.

Alongside your MITF you’ll become a role model and mentor as a native English speaker fortifying the kids with tools of speaking English they will use in their future.

When living in your host city for 10-months you will experience Israeli society, get a chance to travel and create your own goals when volunteering. This immersive experience will let you really live like a local.

Don’t forget, you also get paid a stipend! This is a win-win for all.

Keep in mind that the time with the kids in the classroom is the basis for it all. Teaching in a classroom in Israel is unique: the kids, the setting, the language, and the culture all have something to do with this one-of-a-kind experience, something that is probably foreign or different from the way you grew up.

The kids coming to class, are coming in for a new ‘adventure’ – meeting a native speaking English teacher and learning a new language. For some, this is a treat and for others a scary and unknown experience. Teaching in a class like this, almost a blank canvas for teaching, you get to set the tone, the pace and the method in which you’ll connect with the kids.

Israelis are usually not known for being shy and this includes the students. They are here to absorb, and sometimes, demand it. You’ll have to keep up and find creative ways in which to reach them. If something is not working, they’ll be sure to let you know. Don’t let that deter you – They want and need you to be there for them, educate them and teach them a new language. A good suggestion would be to approach the topic from another angle. there, just

Israel’s climate allows for being outdoors most days. Taking kids outside the four walls of the classroom opens their minds and boosts their energy for learning and participating. See if you can initiate this once in a while.

Keep in mind you are teaching a new language to outspoken Israeli kids who are very confident expressing themselves. Starting from scratch in a new language may be frustrating especially for kids that do not see the future advantage. Be patient and calm with them as a collective but also reach out to the individuals who may be struggling. The English teacher in the school will be there for you to help guide you and give you suggestions on how to do this.

There may be rules set in the classroom, however, Israelis are known for finding creative ways around them. Stay aligned with the program but be flexible enough to allow for deviations especially if there is no harm done and it gets your point across.

10-month fellowship as a Masa Israel Teaching Fellow, with Israel Experience, will transform you as you open yourself up to a new culture inside of the Israeli classroom and out and about in Israel.