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Where to Eat on Your Lunch Break in Haifa

Lunch Break

Haifa is the Capital of Israel’s Northern region. It is the third-largest city in Israel, an avid port city, a Hightech center and has a mixed Jewish-Arab population.

But, setting all this aside, it is also a rich culinary center for both high-end restaurants and fast-on-the-run hole-in-the-wall places. 

While teaching English in Israel you will immerse yourself in its culture. Israeli culture consists of traditions, people, language, and last but definitely not least – food. Whether later morning brunches, lunch on the go, or casual sidewalk dinners. 

As a Masa Israel participant in Haifa, you will be on the go and should really take advantage of breaks you may have to sit and chow down, best of all during your lunch break, along Haifa’s streets for a sweet and/or savory lunch. 

Here are a few places we recommend:


7 Oscar Schindler Street, Haifa

Pizza, Beer, Fun. That’s pretty much their moto. They serve their pizza right from the Taboon (a round brick oven) and a cold beer for you to take a load off. No frills, come eat, relax and be happy.

Falafel Hazkenim

18 Wadi Street, Haifa

Simple, filling and so tasty. This Haifa institution has been around the block but has never disappointed. Each falafel portion is fresh and packed with flavor. Its location is in Wadi Nisnas, a colorful Arab market area you should also check out if you have time. 

Bracha’s Sandwiches

12 Shabtai Levi Street, Haifa

Tiny hole-in-the-wall where Bracha, the owner, greets each customer and, after a few questions, makes a custom sandwich especially for your pallet. The ingredients are fresh and the reviews are through the roof of this well know Haifa icon.

Shawarma Emil

33 Derekh Alenbi, Haifa

A family-owned Shawarma place. Shawarma is a Middle Eastern dish made from thinly-sliced and stacked meet on a vertical turning rotisserie. Made from lamb, chicken, turkey or beef. 

The restaurant looks a bit ‘messy’ and often packed but the juicy dish with pita, raw tomato, and onion are mouth-watering. 

Gold Fish

26 A.L Ziso, Haifa

A very basic but very tasty fish and shrimp restaurant. Fried, right of the skillet, fresh fish and seafood you will often deconstruct and eat with your hands. Some side salads and a groupie crowd that keeps coming back for more. 

As a teacher looking for a quick but tasty break these places are perfect and cheap with a great vibe of Haifa and Israel in general. A great experience during your Masa Israel journey.